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PT.Catur Bangun Putra
PT.Catur Bangun Putra
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Name:Mr. H.M Gazy Amin [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:+62811980507
Phone Number:62-21 47865665;47869017
Fax Number:62-21 47865665
Address:Jl.Rawamangun Muka Timur No. 20
Jakarta Timur, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Sep. 26, 2004
Last Updated:Nov. 21, 2013
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Energy category

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Gasoline Station Contractor Specialist, and Equipments Specialist.

Major Products / Services
  • Permanent Island Form
    Pulau pompa permanen , dari Baja SS 40 tebal 3 mm di lapisi galvanizing proses hot dipp.DSipasang utk melindungi pompa/ dispencer di SPBU

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